A very small range indeed, but a pleasure to own. These were produced to enhance the 'play value' of the smaller 1 -75 range and were additions to the garages etc. Some of the garages etc came as gift sets with various cars and these small additions enhanced both them and the roadway play mats.


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A1-A Petrol bowsers with 'ESSO' sign

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A1-B Petrol bowsers with 'BP' sign, in early and later type boxes.
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A2-A Bedford Articulated Car Transporter.

There are several variants to this model. First was colour, with first issues in light blue and the last, rare run in red cab and grey trailer. Wheels can be metal, grey plastic or black plastic. The logo on the sides came in three distinct types black thin and long, black thick and short and finally in orangey red. there is a variation to the internal front corners of the trailer which can be square or have a fillet across the corner.


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A3-A Metal Lock-Up garage. The main variant on this model is in relation to the bricks on the rear of the model and there are at least 4 different versions. Models have been seen in different colours to that shown but are presumed to be preproduction versions.

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A3-B Broomstick (or Zingo-matic)

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A4-A Road Signs. There were 8 of these and they came in a small brown paper envelope inside the box. The sets shown on the yellow backing cards, designated set 'A' and 'B' are not made by Matchbox but are really pirate copies made in plastic. They even pinched the Matchbox name to use!

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A5-A Home Store

Several versions exist with regards to the 2 raised lines above and below the Home Store sign. There have been other window displays seen and these again are presumed to be preproduction versions.