Various Box Types for the YesterYear Range

  A box B box C box D1 box D2 box D3 box E box E1 box F box G box Hg box Hw box
Y1 1(h) 1 1 1 2(e) 2(e) 2 2 2 2 2




Y2 1(h) 1 1 1


2 2 2 2 2


X 3 3
Y3 1(h) 1 1 1(a),1 1 X 2(e)


2(e) 2 2 3 3
Y4 1 1 2(e) 2 2 2 3(e) 3(e) 3 3 3




Y5 1 (1) 1 1


2 2 2 2 2


3 3

(4A) (4C)


4A 4C

Y6 1 (1) 2(e) 2 2 2(b),2 2




3 3 3




Y7 1 (1) 2(e) 2 2 2 2




3 3 3 3
Y8 1 1 1 2(d),2 2 2 2 2, 2(k) 2


3 3





1 1(f) 1 1 1 1 (2) 2(e) 2(c),2 2 2 2
Y10 X 1 1 1


2 2 2 2 2


3 3 3
Y11 X 1 1 1


2 2 2 2 2 3 3(g),3 3
Y12 X 1 1 1 1 1 2(e) (2) 2 2 2 2
Y13 X 1 1 1 1 X 2(e)


2(e) 2 2 3A 3A
Y14 X 1 1 1 X 2(e) 2 2 2 2 3(g),3 3
Y15 X X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2
Y16 X X X 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2
Y17 X X X X X X X X X X 1 1

The boxes are as described previously. The numbers represent 1, 2, 3,and 4th. series models. It shows the range such as it would not be any good looking for say a Y6-2 Bugatti in a A or B box as it doesn't exist in those boxes. Unless you know better!

X    = This combination is believed to not exist
( )   =  This indicates that confirmation of existence is required. 
(a)   = Different drawings on same type box. Side view or Angled view. 
(b)   = Different illustrations. Blue model or red model. Y6 only
(c)   = Different illustrations. Green model or red/gold model. Y9 only
(d)   = Different end flaps. 'New Model' or no 'New Model' in that order.
(e)   = 'New Model' on end flaps. Existence without not confirmed.
(f)    = Different drawing from earlier box. Confirmation req. if both drawings exist in same type box.
(g)   = Different box heights: 2 3/8 in. or 2 1/8 in
(h)   = Exists as thin or thick script
(i)    = Y3 Benz and Y13 model found in E box with the Matchbox logo on end flaps
(k)   = Different description - can be 2 line or 3 line on end flaps and same for front but 2 lines. ( Y8 Sunbeam Motorcycle or Y8 Sunbeam motorcycle and Milford Sidecar )
conf.= This version has now been confirmed by myself. I would appreciate any more that you have to list that need confirmation.
N.B. 'New Model' only on boxes C to E1 for 2nd. & 3rd. series only

Many thanks to David Boulton. For his work and information on the various box types and this chart. Published in MICA magazines

Some boxes that are on the box chart but had still not been confirmed on the chart as existing. See the 'Box Sets' page for more information on rare boxes.

Y3e.jpg (37061 bytes) E Type box for Y3 Benz with 'Matchbox' on end - confirmed       

Y13_Box.jpg (66210 bytes) E Type box for Y13 Daimler  with 'Matchbox' on end - confirmed

 Hwy1.jpg (41845 bytes) Hw Type box for Y1 Ford - Confirmed                                             

(The Hw box for the Y1 Jaguar SS 100 can have the rear picture with either no text or a model description below the model)



(click on picture to enlarge, use back button to return)

The Original 'NORVIC' Matchbox which was the inspiration.

The first models were packaged in small matchbox type boxes and in most cases the model was scaled down to fit the box. Collecting the various box types produced for the Yesteryear range is interesting indeed. Many different boxes have been produced and trying to collect one of each in the various ranges can be very satisfying. Some are difficult to source while others are not so. This page contains the type designated Card Box Type and all contained a description of the model on the rear face.

A Type Y1 Abox.jpg (25990 bytes)

The first box issued is known as Type A, and was only issued for Y numbers 1 to 9 only. It has a black model number on the blue background of the end flap. It was very difficult to see the number clearly so perhaps this was why it was changed. The front is a line drawing of the model. There are thick & thin scripts for the box ends on certain models in this range

B Type  Y2b.JPG (72042 bytes)

Next in the range came the Type B, and is basically the same as Type A, but with the number changed to blue in a white circle. Numbers 1 to 14 appeared in this box although numbers Y5, 6 and 7 have yet to be confirmed.

C Type   Y5c.JPG (71650 bytes)

The third box is the Type C and the end number has changed to red in a white circle. but still has the line drawing of the preceding two types. Numbers Y1 to 15 came in this range. Some boxes had 'New Model' printed on the end flaps.

D1 Type Copy of Y9a D1 box.jpg (26385 bytes)

This next range, the D1 Type, went to a completely different format. The model was now shown in color with a plain yellow background. The banner changed to 'Models of Yesteryear' in a bolder script. A very plain box front. The script on the end of the box now describes the model instead of just a number.

D2 Type Y13d2.JPG (74289 bytes)

This next range the D2, is considered one of the hardest to acquire. The background has now become a picture of a scene and the model is superimposed on to it. The end flaps are still plain blue, but the writing is white again. The model designated Y14 has not been seen in this box.

D3 Type Copy of Y9 D3box.jpg (38146 bytes)

Next came the D3 Type. On this box the banner has changed to MATCHBOX and the end flaps are still blue with white script. Models Y3 and Y13 have not been seen in this box. The background picture is still basically the same as previous.

E Type    Y16e.JPG (72149 bytes)

E Type is the next and the box has now included a picture of the model on the end flaps. Models designated Y3 and Y13 are reputed to have no 'MATCHBOX' logo above this end picture, but I have found Y3 and Y13 with and without it ( see Models/Y3-2). The front is still the same pictorial scene.

E1 Type  Copy of Y16 E1box.jpg (39453 bytes)

Following is the E1 Type, the same as the E type but with a symbol after  'MATCHBOX' banner. Models Y3 and Y13 have now had the end flap amended and the 'Matchbox' logo added above the picture model. On the Y8 Sunbeam the end description can be 2 or 3 lines - front text can also be different with addition of '&Milford Sidecar'




On this page we commence with the window boxes which enabled customers for the first time to see the model they were buying  without having to remove it from the box.

F Type  Copy of boxf.jpg (31544 bytes) The first was the type known as Pink & Yellow and designated Type F, due to the color on the front. The box contained an inner portion in a light blue color and the rear of the box showed a pictorial picture of the model as well as a description. There are several variants to these boxes (see the Box Sets page for more detail)


G Type  Copy of boxg.jpg (28103 bytes) This reverted to the type known as Purple & Yellow and designated Type G for the same reason as before. But apart from the color change, nothing else did. The model designated Y2 did not appear in this range, but covered the rest up to Y16.


H Type  BOXH.JPG (90241 bytes)  BOXHWG.JPG (112711 bytes)After the problems at Lesney which saw the end of the Yesteryear models being  produced for  a few years, a new box was designed for their reintroduction in 1974. This was termed the Woodgrain style and was designated Type H. There are 2 variations on this box concerning the Y number on the top of the box. It can be in either Gold (Hg) or White (Hw) whilst the rest of the text  for the model description is in white for both examples.


I Type  boxI.JPG (85718 bytes) Straw ends.jpg (54492 bytes) The next was a departure from the previous in that it was very plain and is called the Straw Box, designated Type I. It was more graphical in design than previous and showed a picture and description on the rear. Again there are various sub types within this range. On the end flap the Y number and model name were smaller on the first issues  and underneath the small panel and then became larger and the Y number was included within the small panel with the model name underneath still.


J Type  BOXJ.JPG (91162 bytes) Next was the Maroon box which was divided into 3 main sub-groups. J was Made in England, J1 was made in Macau and J2 was made in China. There are other variations on this box such as that designated Box L which was a gift set of 3 box.  These were the main boxes. There are several more after this but for more information please see the Yesteryear book or contact myself for information.




These are completed sets of all known boxes that I have acquired so far in the Yesteryear Range.

I would appreciate if you let me know of any that I have not included on the chart

For some collectors, the acquisition of the boxes is as much a challenge as the collecting of the models themselves. There are some superb period graphics especially on the middle box ranges. As far as difficulty goes, most collectors agree that the Y2-1  'B' Type Bus in the D1 box is one of the hardest to acquire but I would apply this to the Y3-1 Tram with the side on view and full roof in the D1 as well.

Img_0242.jpg (122926 bytes) Img_0243.jpg (130190 bytes) Img_0244.jpg (146973 bytes) Img_0246.jpg (121290 bytes)
The A Box The B Box The C Box The D1 Box
There are only the first 9 models in this range, the start of Yesteryears The range now increases to 11 boxes but 14 models are in the range. Numbers 5,6 and 7 are missing from this range. There were 15 boxes in this group and 15 models in the range. We still have not got to the number 16 The range of models finally makes it to 16 but the range of box variants increases to 24, the biggest range of boxes. One of the hardest boxes to find, Y2 is in this range 
D2's1.JPG (84872 bytes) Img_0247.jpg (142917 bytes) Img_0248.jpg (144957 bytes) Img_0249.jpg (58495 bytes)
The D2 Box The D3 Box The E Box The E1 Box
There are only 15 boxes in this range. Number Y14 does not exist. This is reputed to be the hardest set to collect but I'm not so sure as some D1 types are fairly rare Still 16 models in the range  but Y3 and Y13 are missing, so only 14 boxes to collect Still the 16 model range and a swap to the 2nd. series makes the boxes 16 but no Y9 appears at all. The Y3 and Y13 can have the 'Matchbox' logo on the end flaps or not. 16 models and the Y12 does not appear as well as a couple of others. Only 16 boxes
  GSET.JPG (42777 bytes)    
The F Box The G Box The Hg Box The Hw Box
There are 21 in this range all up but still only 16 models in the range Only 15 variations on this box type. Model type Y2 has not been seen. This is the last time that there are only 16 models in the range For the first time the range increases to 17 models but there are still 19 boxes to acquire Last set before the change to the huge 'Straw' type box range and 22 boxes to collect




Released in the USA were the type known as 'Blister Packs' These were enclosed in a plastic bubble and sealed onto a backing card with a description of the model. It made them easier to hang up for display purposes and I know of four separate types. The first has the standard Pink & Yellow (F type) box and the other has a red backing card but is essentially an 'E' or E1 version in a blister pack, the last is just a blister with no box included. This range is very hard to acquire and I do not know all the variants available as yet and would appreciate any input.

Us1.jpg (20214 bytes) The Pink & Yellow 'F' Type (Courtesy of Kay Schaber)
0250.JPG (25953 bytes) 0251.JPG (27344 bytes) E2 ?

The red Carded 'E' & 'E1'Type

The back of the card shows a 1966 catalogue on both these so presume issued that year.

I have seen numbers

9, 10, 14, 16 so far and these are the only two I own.



  Y13blister.jpg (23811 bytes) F1 ?

Sub - category I (plain blue & yellow backing card) of the F type box

There are two backing card types to the Pink & Yellow version 

On this range I have seen evidence of the following Y numbers

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16



  F2 ?

Sub - category II (Pictorial backing card) of the F type box

Is this a first or second issue and reversed with the following. But P & Y was issued 1968 onwards so must predate the plain blister version.


So far I have only seen numbers

2, 5, 9


  4022ade9033c1163.jpg (22013 bytes) F3?

The plain blister pack with no box attached.

Shows as new 'Superfast' and 'Steer -N - Go' on the rear so presume issued 1970

On this range I have seen numbers

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Do you think the blister packs should be afforded a separate code? They are basically the same version as the E, E1 and F range but with the addition of a card to hang them for display. This does not relate to the last version though, without a box so basically a separate box range altogether. Perhaps the red blister card type would be E2 followed by the  Pink & Yellow as F1 and F2 then the plain blister as F3. I presume this by the release of the contained box types but may be wrong on issue dates. I would appreciate any information on these packs.



Mobil.jpg (58946 bytes)

This range was a promotional run that were issued by the Mobil petrol garages. Only 6 models were issued and you had to save up a book of collectors cards, which were issued on petrol purchases. A full book could be redeemed for a model (see the book page for a view of the cards and book)

My thanks to Kay Schaber for this picture



I have just discovered this Yesteryear box. I have never seen this before in all my years of collecting and am presently gathering information on it. It appears to be made under special license for the Japanese market. It shows a picture of what looks like a  Ford model T but contains a Y14 Maxwell and the model has a ring of cardboard round it for protection. Will update as soon as I can.

Copy of Jap1.jpg (8161 bytes)  Copy of Jap2.jpg (12138 bytes)




Thanks to Matthias Kremer, who has found the following two box versions on the Pink & Yellow box types

As can be seen, there is a difference in the text under the MATCHBOX and model description. Thanks very much Matthias for this observation. After checking  all Pink & Yellow boxes with other collectors, we have now found 4 different types on the Pink/Yellow boxes. 

Here is the list of variants on Pink & Yellow boxes (F Type) found so far.

Text below 'MATCHBOX' and the model description
TYPE 4 "MATCHBOX" AND "YESTERYEAR" ARE THE REGD  T.M. OF LESNEY PRODUCTS & CO. LTD. LONDON ENGLAND  (Note: This version also has the small "R" sign on the box top following "Yesteryear")


This is the list so far. I would appreciate if anyone else has anymore to add to this chart. I would like to again thank Matthias Kremer for his input on this list.

Thanks to Jonathan Robers from Germany for more updates on the F type boxes. Thank You.

New model denotes a new issue that wasn't out in a previous E1 box.



Yellow Y1 Ford 'T' Yellow Y1 Ford 'T' Yellow Y1 Ford 'T'    
Yellow Y2 Renault            
        Yellow Y2 PHV Yellow Y2 PHV
Yellow Y3 Benz     Yellow Y3 Benz Yellow Y3 Benz
Blue Y4 Opel Blue Y4 Opel Blue Y4 Opel    
Yellow Y5 Bentley            
Blue Y5 Peugeot (New Model)     Blue Y5 Peugeot    
Blue Y6 Cadillac Blue Y6 Cadillac Blue Y6 Cadillac Blue Y6 Cadillac
Yellow Y7 Rolls Royce         Yellow Y7 Rolls Royce
Blue Y8 Sunbeam            
Yellow Y8 Stutz (New Model)         Yellow Y8 Stutz - Red
Yellow Y9 Simplex - Green Yellow Y9 Simplex - Green Yellow Y9 Simplex - Green Yellow Y9 Simplex - Gold/Red
Blue Y10 Mercedes            
Yellow Y10 Rolls (New Model) Yellow Y10 Rolls     Yellow Y10 Rolls
Blue Y11 Packard         Blue Y11 Packard
Yellow Y12 Thomas Yellow Y12 Thomas     Yellow Y12 Thomas
Blue Y13 Daimler Yellow Y13 Daimler        
Yellow Y14 Maxwell     Yellow Y14 Maxwell    
Yellow Y15 Rolls Royce Yellow Y15 Rolls Royce        
Blue Y16 Spyker            



(Please note there are 2 lower print types on these boxes, either thin or bold, thick script)


            Blue Y1 Ford 'T'
  No Model issued   No Model issued   No Model issued   No Model issued
            Blue Y3 Benz
            Blue Y4 Opel
            Blue Y5 Peugeot 
            Blue Y6 Cadillac
            Blue Y7 Rolls Royce
            Blue Y8 Stutz - Blue
            Blue Y9 Simplex - Gold/Red
            Blue Y10 Rolls
            Blue Y11 Lagonda
            Blue Y12 Thomas
            Blue Y13 Daimler
            Blue Y14 Maxwell
    Blue Y15 Packard Victoria     Blue Y15 Packard Victoria
            Blue Y16 Mercedes Benz