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MG-1-A1 This early garage came in two versions, red garage and yellow base or Yellow garage with red base. Early boxes had the logo on the front of Raphael Lipkin (Pippin Toys) as the garages were first produced by for Lesney. This was because at that time Lesney had no expertise in casting plastics.. This was soon resolved, due probably to Lesney liking to be masters of their own quality control and seeing their profit go to another company. The mould was sold to Lesney who then produced it but the box no longer had the Lipkin logo on. Pippin went on to produce their own version as seen here called the 'FLYOVER GARAGE'

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MG-1-B1 The beautiful 'ESSO' garage in it's art deco type style and red & yellow colour scheme.

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MG-1-B2 The same design as previous but now in 'BP' guise. Both this and the previous garage have the accompanying bowser accessory set shown with them

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MF-1A-1 Fire Station. This version has the green roof which was reputed to have become an ambulance station. This was shown in several catalogues as a line drawing but never materialized.

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MF-1A-2 Fire Station. The more normal version with the red roof. Also came as a Gift Set with 4 models of fire engines, chiefs car etc.

A wonderful box with great graphics.