The man himself

Mark Curtis

A good site if you like to hear all the 'OOOHS & AAAHS' about the latest MB find at Walmart. TRU and other such shops that sell the latest releases.  Highly focused on new Matchbox issues with very little original content as most of the expertise and knowledge on there has either been banned, had enough and moved on or whatever.


The owner, Mark Curtis.  is one of the Good Ol' Boys from Kennesaw, who operates on a dual system - its ok for him but not for you and is highly biased in his opinions. All on site has to be squeaky clean on the surface to protect his tie in with Mattel but behind the scenes lurk darker visions and certain shenanigans going on, hence the leaving of Jim Gallegos and his running of the  'Gathering' annual swap meet, now run solely by Route 66 productions and nothing to do with the MCCH who would like you to think otherwise.

You will find when you post an insignificant link from his site onto another that your original post has been edited and filthy pornographic ones have replaced them. He will of course deny this using any means of excuse such as 'not me' to Gmail addresses he uses to hide behind to the use of earlier email addresses he used with *ammonia in the name such as 7ammonia or even to miss-spelling his own name such as 'Mark Courtis []' to try and confuse you. This is all besides the fact that you as an admin, have had access to logs of email traces and scans of all the garbage which he will do his utmost to deny and try to make out it is your fault as your site runs ads or whatever which causes all this - yeh sure Mark, we are all idiots and don't know how to trace isp's etc especially when you provided links to programs that do this - get real pal.

Post a copy of his original changed mail back on his site and you will find yourself banned for life for posting pornography and the original posts changed back to what they originally were as happened to me.

One small man, who would like to be a Law Enforcement Officer - thankfully for all US citizens of Kennesaw, this gun nut is not one.



Just one of his pics you may find on your site

and which he will deny is his