Y10 - 1 1908 'Grand Prix' Mercedes

Issued 1958- Scale 1:54


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A small model that understates the huge size of the original car. It had, however some very interesting casting changes in it's life. The first issue was in a cream body with light green seats. This version has a small, upright lug on the front seat sides (2). As time went on these seats became a much darker green and the seat lug was enlarged to almost a square (3). The rear spare wheel retaining bar was originally 1mm thick but this was thickened, presumably because of breakages to 2mm thick (5). All models had the fuel tank cap, radiator cap and the small oil pump highlighted in gold but can occasionally be found in silver or in the rare white.

There is a small casting change between the exhaust pipes where there maybe 2 or 4 small webs holding them together.

The last run was in a pure white coloured body and these are classed as rare today

Box Range for Y10-1

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