Y11 - 1 1920 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller

Issued 1958- Scale 1:80


1Copy of Y11a black supports.jpg (23317 bytes) 2Y11goldplate.jpg (56160 bytes) 3Copy of Y11a green supports.jpg (22697 bytes)

One of the few models with hardly any casting changes except minor ones. The roof may appear to be at different heights in some cases due to the length of the supporting poles which may be in either the body colour of mid green (3) or black (1). The flywheel can be black or have a dark brown appearance. The version with the makers plate on the front of the cab, just below the front roof support pole, overpainted in gold (2) is very rare and commands a premium price.

There are some small differences in the size of the rear wheel hub centres and the amount of gold trim applied. The green shade only differed fractionally all it's life

Box Range for Y11-1

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