Y13 - 1 1862 American 'General' Class Locomotive

Issued 1959- Scale 1:112


1Copy of Y13a dark green.jpg (24107 bytes) 2Copy of Y13a light green(c).jpg (25979 bytes) 3Copy of Y13a red base rivet.jpg (22873 bytes)   4Copy of Y13a headlights.jpg (29392 bytes) 5Copy of Y13a light green(b).jpg (24911 bytes) 6Y13nogold.JPG (73200 bytes)

Another model which belies the size of the original vehicle at 1:112.  This model was put together 2 different ways and an easy way to tell this is by looking at the base rivet. Early base plates were attached to the chassis by a short rivet so this one is coloured red (2). Later versions had the rivet attached to the body and passing through the chassis to the base plate and these are green. The piston slot on the left hand side (viewed from the rear) has 2 castings - it may be completely square(2) or may be sloped in at one end. The tops of the condenser stacks can be gold painted (1) or left in the body colour of dark green (6). Headlamps can be the same, in the body colour or silver but I personally have models with this headlamp in gold (4). First run models had the boiler walkway edge in gold.

All it's life this model was issued in a dark green (1) but a very short run was in a much lighter green (2-5) and these are one of the 'Holy Grails' of Yesteryears. I was lucky enough to come across an unboxed one at a swapmeet  where the seller knew nothing about it. They are very hard to notice unless you have actually seen one and I hope the photo's will show this (5). A genuine light green should have the square piston slot and a red rivet on the base and should be in a C or D1 box.

Box Range for Y13-1

BCopy of Y13a B box.jpg (28261 bytes) CCopy of Y13a C box.jpg (30913 bytes) D1Copy of Y13a D1 box.jpg (24506 bytes) D2Copy of Y13a D2 box.jpg (27493 bytes)