Y14 - 1 1903 'Duke of Connaught' Locomotive

Issued 1959 - Scale 1:130


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Another model showing Jack Odell's love of steam. The main variation on the loco was to the small sandbox alongside the large wheel arch. Originally it was separate from the arch (1) but became part of it later on (2). First runs had the boxes trimmed in gold but this was later omitted as a cost saving measure. The original base plate was complete but later a hole was added which allowed the model to be attached to various giftware items. The big boiler door on the front was always in gold until the last run when it appeared in silver and this is now a rare version.

Early versions had the wheels on a separate axle but were then,  like the Y13 Santa Fe, cast as one piece. In pic 3 is the real thing.

Box Range for Y14-1

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