Y15 - 1 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Issued 1960 - Scale 1:55


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This model was the one to go beyond the usual range. It was a complete change to the previous by being in a larger scale (1:55) and using metallic paint as well as plastic seats for the first time. The reason it was metallic green instead of silver was due to the fact that paint suppliers could not come up with a silver paint that was consistent. First run models had grey tyres (1), the rear light picked out in red and the number plate in silver. After this they were in the same as the body colour. This model was one of the longest running models and appeared on  a huge amount of giftware items in both silver and gold. Consequently it has a large amount of base variations  - 5 at least! Seats were in black (2) or scarcer green (3)

There are 3 different types of wheel design and several steering wheel modifications. A really popular model with collectors 

Box Range for Y15-1

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