Y16 - 1 1904 Spyker Veteran Automobile

Issued 1961 - Scale 1:45


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First run models were in a pale cream colour that looks almost white compared to the yellow versions and in photo's 8 to 10 you can see this extremely rare model variant. This was from a friend on the MCCH and I will post his name when I get permission to thank him for these pics. The normal colour became a very pale yellow colour (1) which finally changed to a darker mustard yellow (4). Like the previous model, this one was also issued with grey tyres first. The model was shown in the catalogue as being in two tone green but this was never released. There is however one rare colour that was issued in the middle of the run and this was in maroon (3), the same almost as the one used on the Y13 Santa Fe model. Quite why this came about no one is sure but it has become another of the Yesteryear 'Holy Grail' models to acquire.

The side of the running boards have 2 types, either open (2) or closed (4) and there are 2 different castings to these when viewed from underneath (7). There are small variations to the sidelights and handbrake lever. A significant base variation concerns two holes or bosses let into the base so the model could be mounted on giftware. This had the "Models of Yesteryear Y16' description removed from the base and these are quite rare (6).

Box Range for Y16-1

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