Y17 - 1 1938 Hispano Suiza

Issued 1975 - Scale 1:48

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The first model to break the magic Y16 number! Shown in the catalogue and at the Toyfair in silver and black but never released, it finally came out in metallic red & black chassis (1). At this time the plastics seemed to be released in any number of colours such as yellow, red, white and green for some reason (2). It wasn't long before the colour scheme changed to an all over pale blue with a powder blue side panel (3)  and then almost as soon the chassis reverted back to black (4). There was a very scarce short run in an almost silver body with black chassis which was very much like the preproduction version.

Next re-colour was in a bright emerald green body with dark green chassis (5) and with the change of production to Macau shade differences appeared to a mid green. The next colour was to be in a metallic green body with lime coloured side panels (6) and finally a navy blue body and dark green chassis (not shown).

After this the model continued but now under the new Collectibles number range as YY017/SA-M. In all this time there were no major casting variations apart from a couple of small ridges around the bumper locating rivets and the number plate removed to allow for a label to be stuck on. Somehow a nice model with a bad colour scheme most of the time

Box Range for Y17-1

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