Y18 - 1 1937 Cord 812 Sedan

Issued 1979 - Scale 1:48

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A favourite model of mine from the day I saw a real one. This model had a couple of 'firsts' to it. It was designed by an outside designer (Mike Karslake) and the first to have solid wheels with white walls. First issue was in an all over red with a white roof (the exact opposite of the prepro version), Shades of red exist from a very light bright red to a much deeper red. For some reason again versions were found with different colour plastic hoods and this one has a black version (4). Next it was issued in a plum colour that was an immediate sell out. 

A pale yellow colour (6) with the enhanced bits followed this one and finally in a dark cream colour. No variations have ever been found to the bodywork and only the various wheel types - solid chrome, solid red, 24 spoke have provided any interest. A true classic car.

Box Range for Y18-1

I, J, N, P and N2