Y20 - 1 1937 Mercedes Benz 540K

Issued 1981 - Scale 1:45

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Only the second car in the range to have an opening 'dickey seat'  (the Y8 Morris being the other). Many prepro's were run on this model and they featured an opening in the fender for the exhaust to pass through but this was soon omitted. First early runs in silver livery had a seat that was slightly to small and moved from side to side and this was rectified by adding another 2mm to the seat width. The seat colour ranges from an orangey red to a dark red on this version. No casting variants have been found on this model except the wheels which may be 24 spoke chrome or red and solid wheels. A version with 12 spoke red has been noted but seems a strange choice.

In a few short runs the livery changed to white then red and finally a longer run in black. The model was enhanced with superior detail for the US market and became part of the 'Chinese 6' set on sale there with no screw holes in the bases.

Box Range for Y20-1

I, J,  N1 and 2 plus the plain P type box