Y21 - 1 1930 Ford Model 'A' Woody Wagon

Issued 1956

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This model was to be the start of the fall of Yesteryears. It had a whole plastic body and was issued with a bright yellow bonnet and brown chassis (pic.1) to start with. A very short run saw it get the all black chassis (pic.2)  intended for the 'OXO' van and these are scarce. Shortly after this the bonnet changed to a copper finish and this can be a bright copper or a muddy looking version. Some old existing yellow bonnets were over sprayed copper, I presume , to use up old stocks. This resulted in some items getting swapped about here and there.

Not a model I was impressed with, although the prepro version with a beige bonnet looked far better than the release model.

Box Range for Y21-1