Y22 - 1 1930 Ford Model 'A' Van

Issued 1982


A nice model when it appeared and very welcome to.For some reason there were lots of problems with development of this model, especially to the rear section of the body, the windows and the roof.

It first appeared as "OXO' livery and there was a problem mask spraying the roof so a small ledge was added to the front to stop the paint 'bleeding' onto the other colour. The cab roof was also altered from plain to a textured panel. Next up was the 'Maggi's' version in yellow. There are differences to the size of the tampo print on the sides of this model. The company was given their own stock and they promptly re-boxed these, adding an extra tampo to the rear doors and sold them at a premium, they are however just code 3 models and as such are not classed as regular Yesteryears.

Next were the 'Toblerone' and the 'Palm Toffee' versions and the Palm version has very distinct differences in the shade of print on the model, from light to a very dark green. 'Canada Post' , 'Spratts', 'Lyons Tea', 'Cherry Blossom' and Pratts' were the remaining logo's. Some minor variations to these but nothing major. Canada Post did take some models for sale in their outlets and these were packed in boxes with special lettering on but only a small premium is attached to these.

Box Range for Y22-1

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