Y7 - 1 1918 4 Ton Leyland Lorry

Issued 1957- Scale 1:100


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First issued in a very dark brown with metal grenodised solid wheels, it soon became a much lighter shade of brown, turning eventually to a very reddish shade of brown. Similarly the roof also went from a rich cream to a white colour. The roofs on this model were always prone to having bits of 'stuff' under the paint, either dust or metal swarf from the factory.

A rare run was found, mainly in Nairobi, Africa by Geoffrey Leake and all these had the centre section of the transfer missing (2). Many theories have been put forward for this but none have been proved yet. Likewise, as with several previous models the last run had black plastic wheels fitted and are very rare.

Again, like the Y6 only ever issued in the A type box.


Box Range for Y7-1

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