Y9 - 1 1924 Fowler 'Big Lion' Showman's Engine

Issued 1958- Scale 1:80


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This is probably the model that everybody loves to acquire. Many thousands were sold due to it's popularity. The first issue was in a very dark maroon colour with a rich cream roof. The main boiler was gold painted in this version (2) and is classed as rare today, and eventually the boiler was left in the normal body colour.  Some of these first runs are finished with a distinct purple tinge and are extremely rare. The next colour was in a lighter maroon (3) which eventually ended up as a bright red with all white roof (4).

The front boiler doors can be in gold, copper or silver (5). The roof supports came in gold, silver or creamy white. The small name plate on the base is in either the body colour or black (6) and this base section can be squared off or in a 'T' shape (7). There are variations on the rear wheel hubs as well to look for. I have included the first picture as it shows the first trial shots of this model and these were recently auctioned at Vectis in the UK (1). In the picture it also shows the Y1 Allchin and Y11 Aveling & Porter Roller trial shots. This is the first time, apart from a chocolate brown version that was owned by Ray Bush, that I have ever seen any form of preproduction on these models so a very interesting photgraph.

Box Range for Y9-1

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