1912 Packard Landaulet

Issued 1964

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A few interesting casting changes to this lovely model. First was the base which originally had the small dome separated from the rear rivet and for some reason a small bar was added to join the two sections. Now the interesting part - in photo 1. there is a base (left of pic) that seems to predate the known 2. It has no small raised section at all for the hole and is just plain flat - this has not appeared in any other book to my knowledge and I thank Steve Cutter for his photo of it. A wonderful find indeed after all these years.

The plating may be in bare metal when the machine broke down but the normal issue was in gold. The spare holder went from the normal 4 prong to 3 and the steering wheel from metal to black plastic over it's life. First issues were a very dark red but the last run was in a very bright orangey red (pic.6).

It is interesting to not that there are two versions of the D1 box. The first issue showed the model in a bright red with 'New Model' on the end flaps and then swapped to a darker image.

Box Types for Y11-2

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