1909 Thomas Flyabout

Issued 1967

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Another model with some very interesting base variations on it. The first issues appeared with yellow (Pic.7 - Vectis )or pale yellow seats but these are rare indeed but beware as seats are easily swapped from the Y9 Simplex in yellow but they have a square seat pattern, not diagonal like the Y12. It was first in an unrealistic metallic blue colour but this version had the most variants. On the base the first issues had the text in 2 lines (pic.2) on the base centre and two holes. This was changed with the blanking of the holes and a small raised area with the description on, but a mistake was made and this insert was put in upside down (pic.3)so the text was the wrong way to the rest of the base. It was soon rectified however and placed in the right way up (pic.4). The upside down text models are a lot scarcer than collectors imagine. 

The colour then changed to an even more unrealistic one - metallic purple (pic.5) and as far as I know there are no variants on this issue. In pic. 6 there is a plastics trial version with orange roof and grille. 

Strangely although it appeared in the 'E' type box it was never issued in the 'E1' version.

NOTE: Models have appeared with first issue yellow seats in them for sale but these are not genuine. I know of two currently and the plastic from which the seats are made is of a softer nature. These models are 50 years old now and the seats and grille should be hard, brittle and a bright yellow. The copied ones are translucent and pale with a soft feel to them and can be bent between the fingers slightly, a  normal issue would snap in half if you tried this. Most seem to originate in Australia currently so be warned as they do not sell at low prices although the seller seems to think so.

Box Types for Y12-2

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