1911 Daimler Type A12

Issued 1966

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Probably one of the largest selling models ever made in the Yesteryear range if you combine the plated version as well. First issues had the spare wheel well closed (pics.1 & 2)in at the side and later this bit was omitted so they were open (pic.3) Initially with black seats they soon reverted to a dark red colour but the grille always remained in black.

First issues had an intricate steering wheel with 5 spokes and a lever on but this to went the cost saving way of the 4 spoke generic type. The 5 spoke version also included small foot pedals as well but these went when the 4 spoke came in. There are at least 8 different base versions, the most significant being the model description in 2 (pic.4) or 3 lines (pic.5). Other things such as holes for plated ware mounting or blanked off and location of the centre rivet make up the rest of the variants.

An accurate model of this car and the yellow can vary in shades. The seats on this model can be swapped with the Y2 PHV and some have swapped them to make up the rare red seated version of the Y2 by calling them maroon - beware!

Box Types for Y13-2

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