1911 Maxwell Roadster

Issued 1965

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A very plain model and one I didn't like at first due to the limited variations found on it. It remained in the green colour all it's life until the issue of the Connoisseur set model. Any variants found are thus very interesting. Most significant are the baseplate versions (pics.5, 6 & 7) as this model was used extensively in the plated giftware range so can be found with or without the mounting holes in the base. The fuel tank, normally copper, can be found very rarely in a brass finish and although less difficult to find , the fire extinguisher as well (pic.4). The strange thing is, so far they have never been found together plated in brass. The model shown in pic. 2 is not listed in the books and may well be a trial as it has larger wheels fitted and the difference is plain in pic.3. It definitely makes the model look better with the larger wheels and this one does not have a spare fitted as it would be to loose on the rim being made for the smaller tyre.

Box Types for Y14-2

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The Japanese box is a rare box and more on the box page about this one