1930 Packard Victoria

Issued 1969

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Another model with few variations. The most noticeable one is the raised coach line around the rear of the body. First issues were in a thin line but this was thickened just before the introduction of the black and red model. There were two small raised panels under the rear axle and these were subsequently deleted. Another small variant concerns the 2 small raised triangular lugs either side of the steering wheel. These started out finishing below the dials on the dash but were eventually lengthened.

The run in beige threw up some changes in the roof colours and the hardest is probably the rusty brown colour to find. The white roof is an easy swap so I only bought as from a major retail chain and was on the shelf as is. Models have been seen with other colours such as the one in pic.7 from Bob  Tutt but were probably the result of plastics trials, but certainly a very nice, sedate looking version with this grey roof.

The model in pic.8 is very interesting as it has a painted base but one with columns made for the giftware range and thanks to Mike Thomas for this one. Other models have been seen with these bases, why I do not know but there is a Y10 Mercedes with them as well as a Y14 Maxwell.

Box Types for Y14-2

GY16G.JPG (68526 bytes) HY16H.JPG (68941 bytes) after this the I and J box