1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe

Issued 1972

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The first issued run in red/silver had a small cast bump either side of the rear axle to simulate a differential. However it made it difficult on the assembly line to push the axles through so this was discontinued. These models are fairly scarce. The trunk may also be smooth or textured.The next colour scheme of metallic green threw up loads of shade variations which range from a light gold green to a dark grassy green. The exhaust on this model may be a separate brass casting or later on moulded as part of the chassis(pic.6. The hood, grille nd trunk came in green or black textured plastic with green being the harder to find. Within these green models is one described as two tone green (pic.4) and is one of the must have models. The chassis is the same shade as the Y14 Stutz Bearcat as was done at the request of the US importers to drum up sales, so a short run and a rare model.

Next was all over white and a short run appeared with a black chassis which are very rare and seemed to have been shipped to the eastern bloc countries. When I spoke to Derek about these he stated that they had never been approved so draw your own conclusion on whether to purchase one, if you ever see one for sale.

The next issue was very intriguing as no sooner had it started than the line ran out of paint so approval was given to paint the sides in beige (pic.9) instead of a blue grey colour (pic.8). No sooner had this happened than the same problem arose and the last run was done in duck egg blue (pic.10) and this was a really short run and fetches a premium price when seen.  There are other shades of side panel described as white and milky white but they are just that, shades of the original side panels.

The next version was a change as the roof had now been folded down and was a nice change. The last release was in grey and black but reverted to the original roof again. All up this was one of the longest running models in the range with some intersting variations to it's name. 

Box Types for Y16-2

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