1918 Atkinson Model 'D' Steam Wagon

Issued 1985

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The first issue of the 'LAKE GOLDSMITH' was released as a special edition model in a presentation box. So far no variants found. In pic.2 you can see the real thing, kindly supplied by Bob Tutt and when they got it right they were perfection, with the only criticism on the shade of green used..

On the next version, the cement lorry, first issues had problems with the tampo print on the front and early versions were in a pale yellow colour. This was rectified by coating the body colour twice to give a brighter yellow and the tampo line on the front cab now went all the way round. The water tank on the chassis base was moved from the previous model location of the rear of the cab to the rear of the back axle.

The next issue of 'BASS' was also a special release and no variations have been found to date. The last issue of 'BURGHFIELD MILLS' was not liked as the load of sacks were in a very unrealistic yucky yellow colour and again no variants have been found.

It was a shame as this model had so much going for it, with perhaps the addition of a trailer or a range of separate trailer types and loads you could buy and swap around - an opportunity missed in my opinion.

Box Types for Y18-2