1930 Ford Model 'A' Tradesman Woody Wagon

Issued 1983

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Well what a shock this one was - same as previous model, block out the rear windows and call it a new model! Normally issued with creamy white seats, scarcer versions have the red interiors (pic.2).  Wheels were either chrome 12 or 24 spoke, a very short run with copper coloured axles (pic.5)  and there was a lot of interim versions with yellow bonnets. The first issues had a metallic copper bonnet (pic.1) but this went to a muddy red - brown colour (pic.2 and 3) eventually. The next issue as 'CARTERS' was also pretty uninspiring and wasn't a good seller at all with many left on the shelves in shops. There are a few variants about the white plastic being in shades of cream or white but so small they are not really worth talking about, unless of course, as listed in the bible, you can show me the difference between white, cream, off white and light cream!

In my opinion, a model that should never have been done.

Box Types for Y21-2

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