1930 Mack Tanker

Issued 1989

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A truly nice model with a good 'feel' to it due to the amount of metal used. First releases had an almost preproduction wheel fitted at the front with the Daisy pattern being 12mm in diameter and touching the sides of the rim (pic.1). This was soon changed to the normal 10.5 mm version to leave a gap round the edge (pic.2). For some strange reason, gold wheels were used on a few models that were intended for the Y9 Leyland Cub but were rejected as to bright but got used on this model.

The next version in 'CONOCO' livery gave rise to a rare variant straight away as it had the old previous Macau base and production had now been moved  to China. This model also appeared with the gold wheels but most were of the type 2 version. Also shown here is a chrome wheel version that is not currently listed (pic.4)

Box Types for Y23-2

J1, N  & N1