Y3-2 1910 Benz Limousine

Issued 1965

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Probably one of my all time favourite models in the 2nd. series. Many rare variants apply to this model so it pays to check them all carefully. First released in a cream body colour with a dark green roof. The most notable casting variation is seen between the rear wing supports where they may be a gap (pic.2) or the gap filled in (I have inserted a strip of paper to make this more noticeable).  The headlamp stalk was a separate casting on these first runs and they can be put in the wrong way making the headlamps sit up high (pic. 3) This was soon modified with the headlamps cast as part of the radiator shell and in the correct low position.

The next colour scheme was in a light green with a yellow green roof referred to as 'Chartreuse yellow'. This version can also be found with the rear wing supports either closed  or open and the version in this colour with open webs is extremely rare (pic.5). This also gave rise to some very rare interim versions in which the roofs from the previous and following version were used on this version and vice versa, Cream with chartreuse roof(pic.4), light green with black roof (pic.7) and there is a version light green with dark green roof although I have never seen one yet.. 

Next colour scheme was in a metallic green with black roof (pic.9) but this can have the roof in yellow from the previous issue, although very rare (pic.8) and mine is chipped on the roof edges but until I can afford a good one , it does. There was an extremely rare trial run in purple and was apparently on sale which makes it basically a normal code 1 issue but this has no proof as yet (pic.10).

For all its life this model had 2 holes in the base normally used for mounting of the plated models but there are very few of the plated versions about and these are classed as extremely rare. The very last run had these 2 holes finally filled in (pic.13) and are fairly scarce. The last run also had these grey trial tyres on. 

Box Range for Y3-2

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