1929 4.5 Litre Bentley

Issued 1962

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This model was very well received by Bentley owners and collectors alike but the Bentley Owners Club complained about the unrealistic metallic green colour and it was promptly changed to British Racing Green. The early metallic versions became fairly rare (pics.1 & 2). The major variant on this model concerns the front radiator which on early versions was cast as part of the body, then later becoming separate and used to trap the headlamp stalk in place. Obviously these early cast in versions were the same colour as the body whilst later were painted silver. The racing number on the side can be a black '5'  (versions seen with the earlier No.5 off the first Bentley), a black '3' and a red '6' off the Y6 Bugatti model.

The tonneau cover and seats (one piece) came in dark green, dark red and then bright red but this last type are very prone to fading and turn pinky colour. There are actually 4 different types of base castings and I'll post these later on.

There are minor variations to the rear tank filler cap, the rear springs and the small blower assembly as viewed from underneath.

Box Range for Y5-2

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(it also came in the Mobil box)