1926 Type 35 Bugatti

Issued 1961

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No colour variations exist on this model apart from the normal issue of, firstly blue, then red. There are different types of wheel with bolt style and thickness of the outer rims and some may be found in an unplated state due to the plating machine breaking down frequently in this time of production. Normal finish was the standard brass effect.

The biggest variations concern the dash colour with some rare interim models and the front grille. In pic.1 is the early version with grey knobbly tyres and this was followed by the black knobbly tyres, which finally ended up as the black fine tread versions. The dash on these normal issue models was always red but in pic. 3 is the rare interim version with the white dash from the red model. In pic.4 we have another rare version and this is missing the gold grille paint so stays in the same colour as the body.

The red second version also had these same variants with the gold on the grille missing (pic. 8) and with the standard grille in white, it somehow appeared right at the end of the run with a black dashboard (pic. 9).

There is an extremely rare version in metallic green and these have been found in various locations and it is not known whether it was released as per normal or was merely a trial version. They always have grey tyres and the dashboard in a pale green. We will probably never know now but it is really attractive (and expensive!)( pic.10)

Now for something different - I picked up this very interesting model (pics. 11-15) in a recent auction lot. The paint is a metallic green with a very definite sparkle similar to the Y12 Bird's Custard metallic paint. The axles are correct, the gold trim is correct and the base is bare metal. The paint is not the same as the well known version in 'candy apple' green but a very similar colour to the Y14 Stutz model green. I would if possible like to hear from anybody who knows anything about this version as I suspect a colour trial model although I cannot be 100% certain.

Box Range for Y6-2

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