1913 Mercer Raceabout Type 35J

Issued 1961

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A nice simple model and released in a metallic mauve colour (pic. 1). Many shades exist with this paint and the silver is claimed to be one of them, but as seen in pics. 2 & 3 the difference is plain - Mauve and Silver are two different colours, not shades of one another! (MICA please take note!).

Next was yellow and this again has shades and I've tried to show it here, from a very bright intense mustard yellow to a more pale yellow on the left in pic.5

Variations to the body concern the gap between the front wings and the body and there are four of these. First was a completely open gap, then a small bar was added across the gap for strength, this was followed with the gap to the front of the bar being filled in and finally the bar disappeared and the whole gap was filled in. There is another variant and this is on the lower front springs. If you look at the model upside down from the rear, just under the front axle there are either no webs from spring to chassis (early version) or two small triangular braces (later version). There is another concerning the central headlight on the bonnet but is to small to be of any significance.

The base of the model has two versions. The first one has no holes in the base and the rear reads " Made in England by Lesney' as 3 lines and in alignment with the rest of the base text. The later version with holes (for mounting on giftware) has this text rotated by 45 degrees on it's side and is now as 4 lines with the hole in the middle. It should be noted that the 'No.7' is on a small raised plate. This was because it was to be 'No.6' but as the dies for the Y7 Jacobs it replaced this and was machined out.

Box Range for Y7-2

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