1912 Simplex

Issued 1968

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I think that this may well be one of the longest running models in the whole series. The first issue in a lime green (pic.1) is fairly scarce and soon after this there were some major casting changes to a small rear seat retaining lug that is just in front of the rear seat on the model sides. First issues had none,then a small bar was inserted. As usual the roof started out as fixed to body pins but then reverted to the generic seat pins. The lines in the battery box also changed to a finer design and there are some differences to the rear spring area. In pic.4 is a model fitted with white trial tyres. Next was a gold bodied version with metallic red chassis and around this time (1970ish) small webs were added to the spring area.

The gold version has a very rare interim variation with a light gold body and non metallic red chassis (pic. 6) In pic.7 is a trial  model with white plastic canopy and cream grille as many models from this era had, due to shrinkage of the plastics and experiments with done with different plastics to overcome this. The model in pic. 8 is interesting as I have not found it listed in any publication, it is a pink colour and the difference can be seen in pic. 10 with the two for comparison. This pinkish colour is caused by a thin paint coat over a creamy yellow basecoat and may predate the brighter red as my interim gold version shows signs of this thin cover on the baseplate bottom. This is the 3rd one I have found in pinky red so maybe worth keeping an eye out for. It is not sun fade as it is all over finished like this.

The last version in black and yellow has a rare base with 'MATCHBOX MACAU' on instead of 'ENGLAND' and is in a slightly darker yellow. Both issues had yellow or black roofs.

Box Types for Y9-2

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