1936 SS100 Jaguar


Issued 1977


SCALE 1:38

First issued in 1977,  the first issue threw up some interesting variations. There were 3 casting changes made very early on - the sidelights on the fenders were considered to small so these were enlarged, on the base front the rivet hole had a small raised ring cast around the hole and the small wedge shaped brace was widened - enough to say the first issue had none of these and the colour can range from a rich cream to an almost milky white.

The next issue was the metallic blue version and again this ranged in shades from a steel grey to a mid blue shade. The steel grey colour is a very rare one to find and commands a premium price. During the course of this issue 5 small ribs were added to the underneath of the running boards. These were added to stop the model sticking to the conveyor belt when freshly painted.

Next up was the controversial green issue. It was intended to release this issue in a colour known as 'TALBOT YELLOW' but for some reason it was changed to green and the 1500 or so models already sprayed yellow were put back into storage. By whatever means some of these yellow ones found their way onto the collector market and all these versions have the 'MADE IN ENGLAND' bases and any that were left were immediately over sprayed in green to stop anymore pilfering. The yellow base coat can be seen quite easily through the top coat of green so this became another variant in its own right.

The next issue was , surprise. yellow but this time it was in 'SUNRISE YELLOW' a completely different shade to the previous one. By now all these bases had 'MADE IN MACAU' on them so it is very easy to distinguish between the two yellow versions.

The last run was in red and again this ranges from dark to bright red and is probably the best looking version of the lot.

There was a special pewter version on a wooden plinth issued but not very popular with collectors at the time but this one threw up a couple of variants with 2 different wheel thicknesses of 17 and 18 mm


Img_3338.jpg (84530 bytes)


Img_3339.jpg (82939 bytes)

Milky white

Img_3319.jpg (96946 bytes)

Metallic Blue

Steel grey.jpg (35310 bytes)

Steel Grey

Img_3325.jpg (87653 bytes)


Img_3327.jpg (89159 bytes)

Talbot Yellow

Img_3331.jpg (94060 bytes)

Yellow over sprayed in green

Img_3333.jpg (84704 bytes)

Sunrise yellow

Img_3335.jpg (90171 bytes)


Img_3346.jpg (98535 bytes)


1st Type Base 2nd Type Base No ribs
Ribs Pewter Wheels Over sprayed base


Img_0264.jpg (52160 bytes)

'Hw' Type (not seen in 'Hg')

J1 N M
N1 N2  



Img_2900.jpg (88512 bytes) Img_2901.jpg (88894 bytes) Y1.jpg (19746 bytes) 18.jpg (59708 bytes) 259.jpg (14296 bytes) 1170.jpg (61490 bytes) 2006.JPG (13620 bytes)


 The first 3 pre- pro models are probably the best know and fairly rare. Somehow the red and black model looks stunning. All of these sport the previous mentioned casting changes as applied to issue 1.

The last 4 are from previous Vectis auction sales so I have no9 idea if a 1st or 2nd casting on the chassis.



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Small sidelights

Common model

Steel grey

Talbot yellow model

Over sprayed green model


(Note: minor price variations on smaller variations within the model range)