1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Issued 1969


A nice model spoilt by the early colours imposed on this classic model which they didn't get right till the end of the run.

First colour scheme was in a metallic lime body with metallic bronze chassis!!!  The first casting change appeared on this version in that the rear seam on the back of the body was changed from a single one to double to make casting easier. There are also some minor modifications to the front springs and a couple of small webs added either side of the inner axle housings. The colours on this model are the main variants as the next issue was also rather garish - white body with metallic red chassis. This red came in various shades from almost purple to a ruby red shade. The last colour finally set this model off beautifully, silver body and chassis with the seats in either black, mid brown, yellow or a very rare last issue - white.

Personally for me the model in silver with black seats and grille is how this fine model should have been. 

Box Types for Y10-3

F, G, H and I