1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall

Issued 1970

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A model I like immensely, starting with the first issue in red with a silver bonnet (pic.1). The first run will not have the small strengthening bar across the rear of the sidelights on the windscreen. Most models had their fuel tank in gold but a rare short run had them in copper. This applied to the red and blue versions (a & b not c)

The next colour includes one of the 'Blue Chip' models in the range. It was issued in a metallic blue and some of these may look to have a purple tinge to them. This was due to old red stock being over sprayed blue. Most of the time these models have cream seats but in some rare cases they are a bright red (Pic.4 - Vectis). Beware of maroon shaded ones as these are probably a swap from the Y13 Daimler and are often passed off as the rare red ones to unsuspecting collectors - by bright red I mean bright like the Model 'T' roof. Fuel tanks can be copper or gold.

Next run was in a red with black chassis and the red goes from light to dark, but a run was sent out with a distinct orange shade and these are classed as rare (Pic.6). It was issued in the Founders day set in what I reckon was its best ever livery of dark green and silver (see Collectibles section) - just superb.

Box Types for Y2-3

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F, H and I

for some reason it never showed up in the G type boxes.