1934 Riley MPH

Issued 1974


Another classic car. First issues were in a metallic red colour and this goes from purple right through to light red with many shades in between. You can even get a mix of shades between body and chassis. Most if turned over will look purple on the base but this is due to under spray - it is the top finish you have to check. Seats and grilles were in black plastic which are classed as rare but these soon changed to a creamy white. Around this time  many different plastics were trialled due to shrinkage so models appeared with different coloured seats and grilles but only in very short runs.

The only other colour seen on this model is a mid blue with a No.6 decal on the door but some have been seen with a No.3 on. Wheels came in many different guises and the hard one to find is the blue or red model with red 12 spoke wheels.

As an interesting point this model was one of those that were used to trial plastic wheels from the older metal designed fine wheels but was not put into practice (you can see some on the prepro page though)

Box Types for Y2-3

H and I