1913 Cadillac

Issued 1968

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This model has a stack of variations which we all love to find. First issue was in a light gold colour with no locating lug at the rear of the windscreen for the roof and no side cut outs for the seat pins to drop into, these are classed as rare. As the model progressed the lug was added to the windscreen rear and  two small cut outs appeared for the seat pins. Most of these have smooth hoods but a short run had the hoods with a textured finish and these are also classed as rare. The model went through the shades to a very dark gold before being reissued in metallic green and this is where it starts to get interesting.

Early versions in gold had the wheels in the normal issue metal but on the change to green they became the generic plastic chrome ones. It is possible to find both models with the different wheels but these are rare. A good way to check for a wheel swap is that the 2 types of spare carrier also matched the wheels. Around this time Lesney were doing trials with different plastics to avoid the shrinkage problem so seats and grilles can be found in numerous colours albeit in small quantities. There are 6 different base versions on this model as well so quite a few to find for variant hunters. A late run was found packed into the straw(I) Y6 Rolls Royce Fire Engine boxes, presumably to use up old stock.

Box Types for Y6-3

E1, F, G, H and I