1912 Rolls Royce

Issued 1968


The ultimate classic car. One of several Rolls Royce in the range and first issued in a silver body with red chassis. Another variant rich model with some extremely hard ones to find. First issue had the roof in a smooth dark red which then became a metallic grey Next came a short run of metallic grey but with the added addition of ribs to the roof rear. For years these were classed as rare but nowadays I would class as scarce only. The roof then went to dark red again but with the ribs. Most seats were in dark red but a short early run were in yellow and these are one of the blue chip models in YY world.

A note on the grey ribbed roof version. Originally the underneath of the roof was smooth but around this time 2 small lugs either side, at the rear appeared to help locate the roof. It was presumed all genuine grey ribbed did not have these but on a personal note I have found them both with and without the lugs. This has also applied to the plated versions as well so I do not think any relevance applies to this fact now. The plated versions sported seats in a purple shade of brown for some reason and must presume this division cast there own plastics using a different batch.

The model then went to a gold body but some can be found with silver bonnets (again a use up of old stock) although very rare. There is also the interim models between metal and plastic wheels and some models have the fire extinguisher in copper instead of the usual brass (probably the plating machine broke down again). After the gold version it went to yellow body and black chassis, probably the most authentic colouring so far but not very inspiring to look at. there are several base variations to this model as well.

Box Types for Y7-3

E1, F, G, H and I