1914 Stutz Type 4E Roadster

Issued 1969

Not a popular model for some reason but has some nice variants to it. The first issue had a small section on the base where the steering wheel went into. On these first issues it is very thin in shape but all consequent issues had this almost double the width and the first version is classed as rare.

First colour was in a dark red metallic with green seats and a smooth roof and these stayed fairly constant. The next variant was where the roof changed from smooth to textured and these are hard to find. With the change to a textured roof came the next recolour as a metallic blue with white seats and grille and black textured roof but various models have been seen with the inevitable seats and grilles in various trial plastic colours such as red, blue and yellow.. 

Box Types for Y8-3

E1, F, G, H and I