Y2-4 1930 4.5 Litre Bentley

Issued 1985

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This model was the first to test a new type nylon compound on the mudguards (fenders). Many trials were run first with the model cast in plastic and you can see some of these on the Preproduction page.

First issue was in dark green and some of these have either riveted or press fit wheels. There are minor shade changes to the mudguards and dash area but basically a new batch in slightly different shade to the previous. The next recolour was in a dark blue and right away a version was issued as part of the 'Chinese Six' models made in China without the screw hole in the base to hold them to the normal issue diorama box. These were issued in the plain white box. The radiator now sported a '7' on the front grille

The last colour run was in a nice Burgundy colour and the base now stated 'Made in China' instead of Macau. The last run of blue versions can also be found with this inscription on the base.

Another chance was missed to recolour this model in red which was used widely on this model as original.

Box Range for Y2-4

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