Y3-4 1912 Ford Model 'T' Tanker

Issued 1981

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This model is one of the larger range items in the series. There are some interesting variations but most as you will see in the photo's relate to wheel or plastic colour variations.

However on the first issue 'BP' model there are a couple of rare ones to look out for. First is the base - early models had chassis' with Y12 on the base as this model used all the bits from the Y12 van except the rear tank. This was quickly removed leaving a blank raised section so the chassis could be used for both the Y12 and Y3 16 & 17) . Another rarity was a version with the tank filler caps in black instead of gold (3). Beware as these are not black over gold but just black on its own so any over painted are fakes. It took me ages to find one and I was behind a lady in a queue at Woolworth's, Clapham Junction who was returning a model because the header board tampo was smudged and her husband didn't like it and wanted it exchanged for a good one - yes black filler caps so grabbed it of the sales lady and never looked back. I think I have only ever seen a handful on sale since. The tampo print on this model had a lot of problems and the BP logo can be found shaded (1) or unshaded (2).

I will let the photo's do the explaining here as so many versions of this model. Seats can be tan or black on certain models in this range 

Box Range for Y3-4

I and J1