Y4-4 1930 Duesenberg Model 'J' Town Car

Issued 1976

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Issue 1 is one of the 'blue chip' models and the one used as the MICA club logo. As can be seen the roof has an 'x' shape cutout, the body locating lug is shorter, there is no 'Y4' cast on the bumpers and the front bumper lugs are different.

Picture 4 shows an interesting find at Hamley's toy store - standard issue red model but with yellow roof and seats (yes I left others there as I knew no better in those days!)  The red model came with 24 or 12 spoke wheels, hollow or solid front horns and a rare version with maroon roof but I have never seen one yet.

The next issue in metallic green had the rear panel in lime green (pic.8 ) to start but this was soon deleted as to fiddly. Next issue of brown had a whole range of shades for the roof from light to very dark tan and I have shown the extremes here.  No variants on the blue/silver model to talk about really. The last run in powder blue had some in relation to blue wheels and shades of plastic relating to the steering wheel. Needless to say the version in the 'P' box had no screw hole in the base.

In pic 12 an original Duesy - nice.

Box Types for Y4-4

H,I,J1, PN,J2 and N1