Y5-4 1927 Talbot Van

Issued 1978

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Another of the large range models, this time the Talbot van. Matchbox at this time discovered that collectors would buy anything so basically the same model was pushed out but with different logo's on them. It saved them huge amounts of money in tooling up for new vehicles and got maximum use from the old dies.

First model was the 'Lipton's' van and this was the model that caused all the hoo-ha at the time and lead Lesney onto the logo path. The first issue had the Royal Cypher tampo'ed on the front doors. Lesney had asked for permission and as having no problem before started production. Imagine their horror when permission was refused !  Tens of thousands had been made and alreadfy sold and a big rumour went round that they were going to recall them all. This was of course an impossible task as most collectors by now had bought them all and stashed them away thinking they would be rare one day. Lesney did no more but changed the Royal Crest and Cypher to 'City Road' a generic name they dug up from somewhere and carried on producing them. Every collector now went out and bought another issue - great, you can sell twice as many of the same model. The model was issued in France and boxes bear an extra label on them although I have never found the reason for this. As it materialised neither model became rare although many people still think so today and are in fact fairly common models.

The usual wheel and seat variants apply to this range as well like the Y3 before but there are some rare ones within this group that I will go into detail on, otherwise the photo's speak for themselves.

The Nestle milk van had the roof from the previous model added by mistake and these are very rare in black ( 9). The standard roof colour was dark grey (10) but for some reason came out in Australia in a very light grey (11). The Wrights van had gold or silver plated parts and I have shown the extremes of green on the chassis of the Rose's van. 

The last run as Lyle's was interesting for the fact that the side center line had now been removed to allow better tampo printing.

Box Range for Y5-4

H, I, J and J1