Y6-4 1920 Rolls Royce Fire Engine

Issued 1977

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A model I liked right away. It was made up of previous models to save on cost, most notably the chassis from the Y7 Rolls and the windscreen component of the Y2 PHV. Originally designed to tow a small trailer, this never materialised.

The first issues had the label locating lugs missing on the side and these are fairly rare today (7). The side seats were originally metal but were changed to plastic halfway through the model's life. Ladders came in white, orangey red and an orangey brown shade with the first ones having a very small lug at the tail end (1 & 2)  which was enlarged later on (3 & 4).

One rare issue has the front seats in red (5) but beware as a recent one seen had seats of a different pattern going through a well known auction house and sold as the rare version. These seats were only available on this model so be warned.

The very last one had the chassis in black and this was how the preproduction model was painted but in matt paint (see preproduction  models). There are also shades to the red bodywork from bright to dark red.

In 9 & 10 you can see the original model and how much nicer with those solid wheels. Funnily enough 10 shows it with the trailer attached which was how the original model maker (Ken Whetton)  mocked it up but due to cost the trailer was deleted.

Box Range for Y6-4

H, I, J and L