Y12-5 1937 GMC Van

Issued 1988

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The first issue was as 'Goblin' a well known vacuum cleaner manufacturer. The roof on this model was mask sprayed grey but was found hard to do so after some 6000 models it was stopped and the model became black all over. Some grey roof issues had a problem with the grey paint cracking which is usually when incompatible paints are used. These models also had a poorly fitting bonnet section that was higher than the bodywork in front of the windscreen. First type headlamps were 'acorn' shaped but later ones were longer, streamlined versions. The rear number plate on the grey roof version was open.

2nd Livery was 'Baxters' soups and the line across the body was reduced to allow the tampo print.

Last livery was 'Goanna' an Australian product and the only variants on this related to the shade of red on the tampo and wheels.

Box Range for Y12-5

J1, N1