Y5 - 5  1929 Leyland Titan Bus

Issued 1989

1 2Y5-5-3.jpg (60407 bytes) 3Y5-5-4.jpg (51574 bytes)

Issue 1  not shown is the first with Robin Starch adverts on. No known variants

Issue 2 was the 'Swan Fountain Pens' model. This one was also issued as part of the framed models set shown in exploded view. A couple of variations on this model - the rear upper seat may have a pillar going half way up or right up to the roof. The front of the cab window section  has thick frames at the front where the driver would sit and the thick version is shown here.

Next issue was the 'Newcastle Brown' beer advert.  This version was reworked and the front frame is now thinner. No known variants

Box Range for Y5-5

J1, N1 and Framed Cabinet