Y8-5 1917 Yorkshire Steam Wagon

Issued 1987

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Issue 1  has a very interesting variation to it. First one was under the roof and here the rivets were first off 2 only but a 3rd was added soon after for strength.  Most models had the 'Johnnie Walker' figure looking as though he is 'goose stepping' and the company objected to this. he was repositioned to show him with both feet level on the ground at the end of the run and this is a very hard variant to find.

Not shown is issue 2 the Samuel Smith model which again was part of the Passport scheme and shown in exploded form in a cabinet, however some models were released as individuals onto the market as Y32 later on

On issue 3 there are no known variations

Issue 4, the Fyffes, the canopies can be white or cream and hopoefully the photo shows this.

Box Range for Y8-5

J1,N1 and framed cabinet