Roadway Play mats


Matchbox made a small range of cardboard play mats to compliment their models

I haven't got the full range here but it will give you some idea of the items on offer.


R1A.JPG (73499 bytes)


R-1A -1 - Roadway layout, shows a typical road layout. Note the Moko involvement on this first one

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R-2A 1 - Roadway layout, shows popular London sites

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R-3A 1 - Roadway layout, shows popular London sites

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R-4A 1 - The Racetrack layout, showing how to assemble on the rear cover. 

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R-1B-1     Roadway layout

730.JPG (51738 bytes)

RikiwiA.jpg (173856 bytes) RikiwiB.jpg (178066 bytes)



R-1B-2     Updated layout on the flyover version


In B & C you can see a version, recently purchased, of the extremely rare play mat made in New Zealand under licence by Marlowe Agencies Ltd. A stunning play mat that is so hard to find.



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R-1B-3     A typical flyover roadway scene.

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R-2B-1     A construction site

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R-2B-2     A dockyard and factory scene

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R-3B-1     A Farmyard scene

462.JPG (62018 bytes) R4.jpg (97567 bytes)


R-4B-1     All the thrills of the race track.

R-4B-2      Probably some of the best graphics ever used.