The Other Giftware Items

Apart from model Yesteryear vehicles on trays, Lesney produced a whole range of items, mainly a present type item or a souvenir of London. Some items may be familiar whilst other totally obscure for a company who were into toy cars. Most are interesting if only to show what the company diversified into.


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This is a model of the K-50 Kingsize Hotrod on a perpetual calendar base.

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The 'Sandcat' Kingsize Beach buggy model. There is a version in red with a N0.3 on the bonnet.

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The 747 'Jumbo' Jet with 'British Airways' on. Also appeared with 'BOAC' as well

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The gold plated Concorde on a double pen stand and perpetual calendar and shown in it's box

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This is the painted MB 17 Bus 


This is a recent addition, the MB17 bus but in a never before seen colour of white. I believe it was a trial for the model above so very rare item indeed. Casting is very rough, so I presume an older mould was used to trial this one.




Here we have the MB 17 Bus in gold, recently auctioned by Nick Claxton, I didn't get this one.


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BOXA.JPG (86869 bytes)


This is the 'BISTO' half bus. Looks like a Yesteryear but never was issued as one and made especially for this box.

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These are cars in bottles that had an addition to make it into a table lamp. I have had 2 others of these but without the lamp modification, a Y5 yellow Peugeot and a Y9 Gold/red Simplex. Only says 'Made in USA' on label.



These are some others seen in bottles. Was there a complete range of Y1 to Y16 2nd Series for these, as here we have knowledge of Y2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 12. 

In the MICA magazine Vol. 18 - No.4 - page 161 a selection of bottled models are shown. The picture confirms the existence of Y10 and Y14 and on a recent Ebay auction there was a Y3 Benz in a 'rolling pin' type enclosure (2 bottles joined end to end without the lamp modification).


In the old Matchbox UK magazine Vol.5 - No.1 - pages 14 & 15 there is an article on these bottled cars which shows the Y8, Y13 and the Y15 amongst others. Has anyone got a Y1 Ford T, Y11 Lagonda,  and Y16 Mercedes?  I have to presume for the moment or until I hear differently, that there are a full set of these models around.


One of the original boxes they came in


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Antique pistol on a pair of bookends

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An antique type pistol on a wooden box. 

Joegg.jpg (78190 bytes)


Stainless steel box with composition black ends and handle with a Joseph Egg antique Pistol on top.

washington.jpg (53208 bytes)


Half copy reproduction of an antique pistol as used by George washington setup on a penstand

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This one should be under the plated items, but I included them here to show 2 different types of bookend here. Note the upright support and the engraved pattern. Obviously they are sets of 2 and most appear to have the Y12 Thomas on.

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This was a badge celebrating the Queens Silver Jubilee.

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Copy of Queens Award2b.jpg (20512 bytes)


This is the same badge but this time it is on the 'Queens Award to Industry' presentation set. (see Y13b as well under plated models for the Daimler on the same award)

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Pike1.jpg (24632 bytes)

roach.jpg (45621 bytes)




Two pictures of the pike on a tray as mentioned in MICA Vol.17 No.6. I have a painted version somewhere in a green-tan sort of finish.



From Bob Tutt who sent me this one, a Roach, in green plastic overpainted with orange fins

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Some paperweights, not made by Lesney but by an outside company of whom Transpalite were the most well known. The Bugatti can be seen to have the Y6 decal plated over which is a dead giveaway. Genuine Bugatti's were plated when in a bare metal or painted only state so no decal would have been on them. the Bugatti is hard to find as a paperweight and is usually found un-encased for some reason.


I have just received this info on Transpalites from James Myers:

I accidentally came across your forum and noticed the mention of Transpalite so I joined because this bought back a lot of memories that I would like to share and may be useful to your members.
Transpalite is in fact a registered trademark of a company called Staley Plastics founded by my Grandfather back in the 1950s. Stanley Plastics were based at Hambrook in West Sussex and were the only company who manufactured the Models of Yesteryear in Transpalite as giftware for Lesney. As I recall Stanley Plastics encountered a lot of difficulties in achieving the quality required and production of the giftware ceased. As a young boy I remember rummaging through the storage barn at the factory with my cousins and discovering hundreds of boxes of different Models of Yesteryear, all brand new and boxed. My Grandfather allowed us to choose whatever we wanted to play with and we were in heaven. My particular favourite was a blue Bugatti.
I also noticed the white packaging boxes and the plastic wrapper in the photos which I can confirm are genuine. I can clearly remembering helping a lady who went by the name of Doddy to package Lesney giftware during the school holidays. Although my Grandfather passed away in the 1990s Stanley Plastics is still operating today at Midhurst, West Sussex.


The top Transpalite version has the small No.33 Zodiac in it. Hard one to find is the yellow Victor saloon and others like the Zodiac here and blue Ford are a bit easier to find.


A recent acquisition, the Transpalite table lighter with the Y15 Rolls Royce in the base. Most Transpalites have a small piece of material embedded in the base with their name on. Hard one to find in the YY range is the Y9 Fowlers.


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Sets of Cufflinks with an associated model were released

 by Stratton of England. I believe there are only the 6 different models in the range.

Here we have Y2, Y3, Y6, Y9 and Y11. there is also a  Y7 Rolls


Img_0437.jpg (80555 bytes)


3 Bars of soap in the shape of 1 to 75 models.

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A couple of London landmarks on very small Wade trays. There are a set of these and this is Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. Both are in plastic but can be in metal as well.

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A golfer on a pen stand and a footballer. There is also a fisherman and in this series.
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maty15.jpg (50010 bytes)


 A set I have never seen before done as table coasters for drinks. On the rear is a label with 'SKLOTAS' and a logo on but whether this is the manufacturer or the shop I have no idea but a nice idea. The reverse side is a mirror and reminds me of one of those things you hang in a Budgie's cage. Reminds me a bit of the postcards that were issued.

Unfortunately there is not a full set here as Y3, 8 and 14 are missing. But there are 2 Y5's (2nd. & 3rd. series so perhaps there are more like this.