Golden Veterans Set A

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This first set contained the Y7 Rolls, Y13 Daimler and Y14 Maxwell. All sets were usually in a very brassy gold plate but others are known in a lighter gold finish. I have some that go from dark gold to light gold across the 3 models. All were packaged in a stylish box reminiscent of the Woodgrain style and then enclosed in an outer plain blue cardboard sleeve.


Golden Veterans Set B

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This set was the same as the first with one significant difference - the petrol tank on the Y14 Maxwell was in copper instead of the gold plate and is considered very rare. Lesney probably ran out of plated ones and used standard ones to complete a run.


Golden Veterans Set C

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This last set is probably the most difficult to obtain as instead of the Y14 Maxwell, it contains the Y6 Cadillac in gold. An extremely hard model to find and usually has no holes in it's base