Giftware Leaflets and Brochures

Some giftware boxes (I presume all at one stage, but few seem to contain them) contained small brochures showing various items in the range. The first one here is courtesy of Bob Tutt from the UK. It is a 3 piece fold up brochure and shows the range of 5 models available but only on the black porcelain trays and small black porcelain trays.

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Yet another from Bob in blue this time

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This next I found in one of the black boxes and comes in yellow and is a double sided 3 page one, very similar to Bob's first one..

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And this is a red one from a red & yellow box, single sheet but the Lesney section folds over half the page

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From Dave Rogers, thank you for these wonderful giftware catalogues

A single, one sided sheet leaflet

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From the regular 1967 Catalogue (French version)

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From the 1968 regular catalogue

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From the 1970 regular catalogue

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!970 - a 4 page fold up leaflet/brochure which I have only just acquired

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A 1971 Catalogue courtesy of Christian Falkensteiner - thank you. Very interesting as page 3 has a tray with a Lambourghini on it which I have never seen and states 'Later Release' - did it ever come out? Also on page 6 is what seems to be a Y14 Maxwell sporting orange plastics ! I don't think it is the photo as the Rolls grille in red and the other models are normal.

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From the 1971 regular catalogue

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A 1972 Giftware catalogue from Nils in Switzerland. This was a Maltese issued catalogue as the prices were written all over it in ink so I cleaned it up a bit for clarity.

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From Nils again, another rarely seen catalogue from 1974 - this one shows the interesting German Stuka plane alongside the Spitfire but I have never seen this model. Was it ever produced?

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A 1976 Giftware catalogue from Hans & Marco in Germany

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From the 1976 regular catalogue

1976Pa2.jpg (16442 bytes)

A 1977  giftware catalogue 

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G5a.jpg (68593 bytes) G6a.jpg (61446 bytes) G7a.jpg (59054 bytes) G8a.jpg (58934 bytes) G9a.jpg (67154 bytes)

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A giftware catalogue from 1978 with it's price list contained as well. I'm not 100% sure but the Heritage gift pack on page 6 looks to be a prepro packaging as I have never seen it with the 2 figures in the middle. Can anybody confirm if they have one like this at all?

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and the accompanying price list

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